Sunday, March 22, 2009

Act locally grow Globally

Most small business owners have a secret desire to be a global power.

Question: Are you a local power? Chamber of Commerce, JCC, Rotary Club - are you involved?

Do your local politicians know you by name? -

A great product and awesome customer service will keep the customers...but to grow them you need help, support and to play the game. Playing the game does not mean selling out, does not mean smoozing those you despise - but you must be open to dialog.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How Tweet It Is

I am loving!

pop in search terms and it crawls BIOs....woot -

Key word search and find tweeps by local, interest, job title...perfect for network building.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Stop being a Wall Flower

Great! - You have set up a LinkedIn profile, are following people on twitter and have joined Facebook groups.....but where are the promised opportunities?

If you do not PARTICIPATE is social media - you are like the girl that wears a new dress to the dance and then stands in the corner.

Most social media platforms have an interactive element: discussion boards, Q&A opportunities, Comment sections -

Discuss! Answer! Comment! - Or else no one will know you are an expert in your field -

Be a good date, remember it isn't all about you, that relationships are a two way street or you will just end up serving punch.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Transparent Business

My last few posts have centered around your employees and the recession. Michael Schneider in his Blog Peer to Peer talks about being transparent with his employees. His post here .

Transparency - it's the buzz word of the moment - new word for an age old concept...'open honest communication'

Use social media to help keep open and in touch -

Follow each other on twitter - easy way to spread the praise, ask for help, and keep everyone in the loop. Particularly if you chose to implement virtual offices to cut overhead costs .

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Who knows Best?

You know your business' bottom line (if you don't, stop reading NOW and find out), but is there a slow bleed somewhere? Are you spending money that you think is necessary - but may not be.

Take some time to really listen to your employees - Chances are they feel some loyalty to your business, having invested time and energy into it...they aren't just there to bask in your charisma. Sure the paycheck is nice, but have you tried to live on what you are paying them?

Talk to them...but more importantly LISTEN to them. They will let you know if you are paying someone to text all day. They may not really want that perk you are giving them. They may be willing to sacrifice something that you hadn't thought of in order to save their jobs and your business.