Friday, July 24, 2009

A Private You in a Social Network

You are probably at the point where you accept that participating in a social media network is valid but it just doesn’t sit right with you since you are a private person. A couple of things may make you feel better.

Under no circumstances are you required to update your network with what you are eating for lunch, if your pet hamster has a cold or make any comments on sex, religion or politics (general societal rules can still apply). I have checked and no social media police will insist that you divulge the intimate details of your personal life.

Because you have different levels of involvement, you can pick and chose what works for you because there are as many personalities in the virtual world as there are in the real world, and just like in the real world – the variety is what makes it fun! Keeping with the Cocktail party scenario that is Social Media – here is a quick guide.

Level One: The Wallflower
Sit back and absorb information.
Set up Google alerts, read blogs and watch videos.
Set up a Twitter account, activate all the privacy settings and just monitor conversations.

Level Two: Punch Server
Level One activities plus:
Leave comments to blogs that elicit a reaction from you
Re-Tweet comments that you find interesting

Level Three: Polite Guest
Level 1 & 2 activities plus:
Tweet links to the blogs you have read w/ topic
Join Facebook to monitor network ‘newsfeed”

Level Four: Here for the Party
Level 1, 2, &3 activities plus:
Tweet general information and comments
Become an active participant and fan on Facebook
Start a blog

Level Five: Party Animal
All of the above AND
Post links to all relevant articles and links to Facebook
Build and Manage your own Facebook group
Tweet, Re-tweet & Comment
Blog and guest blog
At this level you may feel the need to tweet your breakfast…go ahead as long as YOU are comfortable doing so.


  1. So which one are you, Lorri?!? :)

    This a great breakdown of the different levels of participation. I may have to steal it, and credit you.

    I also LOVE the name of the blog!!

  2. Thanks Gini - I thought I was here for the party - though I did find myself tweeting what I was going to have for lunch today - So I am now a full fledged Party Animal