Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Social Media is NOT

I am preparing a presentation on what social media is and what social media is NOT.

I decided that social media is NOT:

It is NOT a one way street - I have talked before about my utter displeasure with people that constantly post or retweet articles - one after another - nothing they have written, nothing original. No one will know who you are or even why they should consider your reading recommendations.

It is NOT a platform to be someone you are not - in the social media world, you will be found out. LinkedIn links to Twitter links to Facebook and on and on. Feigning an interest or some uber-cool persona and you will be found out - you will be found out and you will not build trust. In order to build interpersonal trust online or off you MUST show integrity. let your freak flag fly!

It is NOT just another sales platform - There are plenty of people and companies out there that just post sale information or offer their services through an automated setting. This is just tacky...The public gets that via traditional media, Television and Radio - automated sales pitches. Sure plenty of people may follow or fan you to get the inside scoop on specials you are running. But if you are only using social media in this way, you are missing out on an amazing opportunity to offer individualized customer service and build a real bond with your customers.

What other things is social media NOT?


  1. I like your list. I will add that social media is NOT a place to whine or vent. It is an opportunity to share a smile and speak with enthusiasm. You will feel better and so will your readers.

  2. I like the list, too. What about social media is NOT for posting a play by play of your day? Is there a reason I should need to know that you had oatmeal for breakfast or that you are at a particular restaurant? I just reread Deb's comment, so I should stop now.

  3. I like both of those! - I have always wondered about the whole posting of your breakfast...but I would get off on a rant...which I need to stop doing.