Monday, January 25, 2010

Personal Branding Lessons Learned from Brett Farve...NOT

Let me start by saying that this post is in no way meant to dismiss Brett Farve's football playing abilities. The man has been playing for years and has an arm like a cannon. However, they way in which the sports press deals with him grates on my last nerve, making me wish that the man would just retire already. I have noticed this "Brett Farve" trend all season, and it came to a head for me during the NFC Championship game on Sunday.

Announcers insist on saying his full name repeatedly, and giving him so much coverage that one anyone else playing? Is he part of a team? During the first quarter of Sunday's game the announcers said his full name fifteen times! Yes, I counted. At the end of the first quarter I decided to write this post and in the name of fairness noted the number of times I also heard "Drew Brees". Final Count for quarters 2 through overtime (it was a good game)...Brett Farve got 34 mentions and Drew Brees had 16. Over twice as many! I did not count the times last names or first names alone because I realize they need to be referred to in some way.

To add insult to injury..Fox sports also treated us to a quick "Brett Farve" Interview about the noise level...apparently noise is not an issue for Brees...and a short video bio clip informing us of Farve's connection to New Orleans...My guess is that Brees is now connected to the city he plays for. If I had counted the number of times the camera cut to an adoring shot of Farve on the sidelines watching the game, I would now me suffering for carpal tunnel.

What does this have to do with business or personal branding you may ask?...Well, there comes a point when the general public is aware of your name, but that has nothing to do with the quality of the product or service you provide. Let your cusomter service speak for you. Be great, have longevity & become an icon...don't become just another name.

We want to root for Old "What's his name" the Vikings Quarterback with the killer pass.

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