Saturday, February 27, 2010

Choosing Happy

I want to tell you about Alba. Alba spreads happy. Alba is in her 30's and from Honduras. She is beautiful.

Alba works in the housekeeping department of my company. Her job is to empty trash cans, clean the bathrooms and vacuum among other things. I have worked many places and there are very few names of housekeeping staff that I remember, let alone ever met. She knows I am a coffee addict and always offers me a cup before closing down the pots for the night. She does her job well, but this is not what makes her remarkable.

She comes in each day with full hair and make up. She wears pretty sweaters and sparkly jewelry. A walk through the kitchen during her lunch is a veritable fiesta for your nose. She has made her lunch hour into an event worthy of engraved invitations and a VIP section.

I would not want to do her job. I wouldn't feel good about myself. But not Alba - Alba takes care of herself, She takes care of those of us whose offices she dusts. How can we not be happy when you hear a sing-song Latin tinted "Goood Moorning!"?

One has to be happy to get up each morning and make yourself pretty to run the vacuum cleaner.

I have been to after-work happy hours with Alba. While others were drinking too much and whining about work. Alba sat next to me leaned over and said "I don't like that" - "Why do they have to be ugly? It's not good, they should be happy." Those whining, complaining co-workers easily make much more money than Alba. They get to sit in offices with comfy chairs. Yet they were not choosing happy.

I am lucky enough to see this example of happy every day. I try very hard to live by Alba's example. It's difficult. Stress can make you crazy. But I think the next time that life starts to get me down. I am going to ask myself "What would Alba do?"


  1. I see Alba everyday and I have witnessed her happiness but you described it perfectly! If I find myself jumping into the whining, complaining mode I will join you and ask myself "What would Alba do?"

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  3. Thank you for your kind words about my mom. She is a very special lady. I admire and look up to her very much. She is a hard and dedicated person. During our family events, she is the LIFE of the party and she is the glue that holds our family together. She is the best mom in the world. She is beautiful inside and out. :)