Sunday, February 21, 2010

You DO Have Something to Offer via Social Technology

Maybe you are finally convinced that social technology and personal branding is not going anywhere and you want to get started before it changes. You understand that it is about sharing, but have no idea what you are suppose to share. Let me help you think outside the box.

I have taken a sampling of my facebook friends and will use their professions as examples of what I would do if I were them.

Use Blogs, Micro Blogs, Video and Podcasts:

Teacher- Give those lessons you always wanted to teach, but don’t have the opportunity within the confines of the school system. Online book club and reading discussion

HVAC installers – blog the product options, video do-it yourself maintenance

Dental Hygienist – Oral health, product optinions, how to floss, why smiling is good for your mental health

Hair Stylist – How to blow dry or flat iron, using At-Home products. Changing your cosmetics when changing your hairstyle or color

Retired Police Officer – Public safety, Using headlines – how to prevent issues in the future, Examples of how a department or agency has done it right.

Home Inspector – Home maintenance, when to do it yourself, when to hire an expert, Vinyl vs. Brick etc.

Office Supplies – Office organization! (Who doesn’t need that!), Pros & Cons of different office equipment, Highlighter art & Paperclip chains

This is just a sampling of the options – the beginning of the brainstorming. Keep going. Nothing is too silly – you would be surprised at what people do not know, or what will enterain them and keep them coming back.

After you have made your list of professionally related topics, mix in some of your personal interests. This is where the personal banding comes in. Posts about your latest kitchen masterpiece, your workout, fishing trip or little league coaching lets people know who you are and helps them to bond with you.

Remember to keep it positive and don’t be afraid to go there!

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