Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to make Facebook less Creepy

A friend of mine is slowly finding her way into social media. Trying to make it relevant to her business and not just a "time suck".

Well, "creepy" is how she described Facebook to me today.

To make it seem less creepy, I suggested working those privacy settings. Maybe it is time for you to take another look at your settings. Who can see your updates? Pictures? Videos?

If you are like me, Facebook is for family and friends and I prefer that they be the only ones that can see all of my rants no matter how silly or ill advised.

To check yours:

go to the upper right hand corner and click the down arrow next to ‘account’ chose ‘privacy settings”

…then one by one you can change each thing so that only your ‘friends” (those you accept can see them)…that should help you feel better.

Happy Posting!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

You are on Facebook - Now what

Many of you have a facebook account but are at a complete loss as to how to use it for your local business. Other than building a fan page, you can also become fans of organizations within your area. Once you are a fan, their updates will appear in your newsfeed and you can join in a conversation or just be aware of any upcoming events to which you may want to contribute.

To find Organizations:

Log into your account

Type keywords into the 'find people and more' box in the upper left hand corner. The key words should be the name of your city, county, region or state as well as an industry term like "plumber" "business" or "Education"

Facebook will return results to your search people first. At this time look to the left hand side and you will see a list that starts with all results...click on the word 'pages'. This will narrow your results down to fan pages that fit within your criteria.

One by one click on the pages that interest you and click the "Become a Fan" button at the top of the page.

Their updates will now show in your newsfeed bringing what's new with them to you.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Are you Corrosive?

According to Dictionary.com

cor·ro·sive   [kuh-roh-siv] –adjective
1.having the quality of corroding or eating away; erosive.
2.harmful or destructive; deleterious: the corrosive effect of poverty on their marriage.
3.sharply sarcastic; caustic: corrosive comments on the speaker's integrity

It should be clear by now that I strive to be an optimistic person. I strongly believe in adding to whatever groups or teams to which I belong. Corrosive people are my pet peeve.

Being corrosive eats away at achieving goals. One corrosive agent can weaken the cornerstones of any organization. Bitching, complaining and finger pointing stops progress. Can you imagine being excited about the direction you are heading only to have someone insist on pointing out the downfalls and faults you have?

You cannot turn a blind eye to the corrosive agent in your midst. They will keep eating away, weakening and destroying what you are building. Corrosive people are in a negative place. They do not want to hear suggestions to improve their situation. Corrosive people are complete "know-it alls". The agent must be neutralized or removed.

A good team member does not turn a blind eye to the speed bumps in the way of progress, they acknowledge the obstacle and suggest ways to remove or work around it. A good team member is thrilled and excited about the goal and forward momentum.

...All corrosive people be warned - I am on a mission.... Everyone deserves encouragement and We all need to move forward...I won't let you stop progress. ...And I am not alone!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Building Buzz in your Bathrobe

I love love love my job. When you are lucky enough to be in this position, your mind never stops working on "What's next?". I am also a Taurus, which means I am all about comfort and luxury. This morning this means that I am still in my pajama's since it is my day off, but my mind is on our conference that starts in 7 days!

Using social technology makes this a productive time.

My blackberry helps me to respond to my boss' panic.

Twitter and Facebook updates about our search able hashtag (#CE2010) helps me to get the word out to those that cannot attend about how they can follow the events and stay informed. They can be there virtually.

This conference is going to be very "Hands On". Hands on smart phones. Hands on laptops. Who knows I may even show up with my pajamas on!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to Prepare a Presentation....Or OH NO I have Writers' Block

The last time I sent someone advice via email, the next thing I knew was that the same "HOW TO" advice ended up on some high profile blogs. No they did not steal my content - I just missed the timing on when that information was hot.

Tonight I sent a friend advice VIA Twitter - and decided not to miss the opportunity again!

@DebCE tweeted "I need to work on my presentation for conference. It's all in my head but won't spill out to the paper."

These are the steps I take when preparing a presentation.

- I imagine myself giving the talk, taking notes on what I am saying.

- Then take the notes and put them in some sort of order that makes sense using in full sentences.

- Then I read it out loud. At this point I fill in the blanks, adding more information to the places that I feel I have not been clear or have not explained a concept.

VOILA - I have my presentation.

Then I need to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE...and when I think I have it I practice some more. It doesn't kill the intimidation factor or stage fright - but it makes it a lot easier.