Friday, March 5, 2010

Building Buzz in your Bathrobe

I love love love my job. When you are lucky enough to be in this position, your mind never stops working on "What's next?". I am also a Taurus, which means I am all about comfort and luxury. This morning this means that I am still in my pajama's since it is my day off, but my mind is on our conference that starts in 7 days!

Using social technology makes this a productive time.

My blackberry helps me to respond to my boss' panic.

Twitter and Facebook updates about our search able hashtag (#CE2010) helps me to get the word out to those that cannot attend about how they can follow the events and stay informed. They can be there virtually.

This conference is going to be very "Hands On". Hands on smart phones. Hands on laptops. Who knows I may even show up with my pajamas on!

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