Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to Prepare a Presentation....Or OH NO I have Writers' Block

The last time I sent someone advice via email, the next thing I knew was that the same "HOW TO" advice ended up on some high profile blogs. No they did not steal my content - I just missed the timing on when that information was hot.

Tonight I sent a friend advice VIA Twitter - and decided not to miss the opportunity again!

@DebCE tweeted "I need to work on my presentation for conference. It's all in my head but won't spill out to the paper."

These are the steps I take when preparing a presentation.

- I imagine myself giving the talk, taking notes on what I am saying.

- Then take the notes and put them in some sort of order that makes sense using in full sentences.

- Then I read it out loud. At this point I fill in the blanks, adding more information to the places that I feel I have not been clear or have not explained a concept.

VOILA - I have my presentation.

Then I need to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE...and when I think I have it I practice some more. It doesn't kill the intimidation factor or stage fright - but it makes it a lot easier.

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