Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Twitter - Getting Started with 5 Tweets a Day

I know many people that are somewhat interested in twitter but have no idea what to tweet. They know they do not want to send out updates that they are having Cheerios for dinner or that a toddler just threw up on their shoes.

I have ranted in previous posts about people only tweeting what they have read. I also suggested different sorts of information that you may want to share given your area of expertise.

So let’s do this by the numbers – to get started try to send out five tweets a day.

1. Tweet one link that you find informative. This shows your area of expertise. You may have found this online link on facebook, your RSS feed, your Google reader or your favorite online news source…that doesn’t really matter.
2. Tweet one link to something that you find entertaining. This shows us who you are.
3. Retweet an informative tweet from someone you respect. This serves two-fold purpose. Expertise and Engagement
4. @Reply to someone you are following. Engagement, Engagement, Engagement!
5. Tweet an original thought – again so we know who you are.

These five will slowly turn into more as you find you have @replies to which you will need to respond and Thank yous for RTs. (Twitter requires manners)

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