Monday, April 19, 2010

Who Are You?

I will be celebrating my birth later on this week. Once again I find my life in a state of change. Recently I have gone back to school, bound and determined to complete my degree this time.

I am working on getting some credit for life experience. As part of this process I had to write a Learning Autobiography. This process was almost painful, but I learned more about myself during this process than during any other thing I have ever done. I learned that I have made a difference. I learned that my niche is communications. Funny because I always said - I just want to be heard.

Some times the stars just happen to align just right. As I was going through this process my boss determined that we should all work personal branding into our inbound marketing strategy. Read her blog post on it here.

I also found MindMapping . A writing tool to organize your thoughts. I thought they were really cool - but didn't work with the way I write - I am more of a stream of consciousness writer (is anyone surprised?)

I tried using a MindMap today to work towards personal branding, and I love the results!

What is your BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)?
What is your mission?
Why are you in the industry you are in?
Self-describing words
Words others use to describe you

Make it colorful - make it graphic - and see where you find yourself.

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