Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Communication Rocks!

Foursquare has been having technical difficulites. Foursquare is a mobile networking platform that allows you to explore your location and share tips with your friends in a gamelike manner where you accrue 'badges' and 'mayorships".

Yes is it frustrating, when a site you use regularlly goes down, but I need to give these guys a HUGE bravo!

In this age of social technology, communication is key. It is the reason we use the various platforms. To engage. ...Well it is how we are suppose to use the platforms, I won't get into those that use it as a soapbox.

In my experience, usually when there are technical difficuites (short of my local tv station) we hear nothing. Be it your inhouse tech department or your favorite website. If the system goes down you are don't know if it is you or the system. You reboot. You sit tight. You wait. is though all other means of communication ceases to exsist.

But not Foursquare! They maintained customer service in 140 characters no less!

A look at their Twitter Feed will show post after post of @replies explaining to users what was happening and offering assistance for those still having mobil app issues.

Thank you Foursquare for keeping the communication going, for using social technology to provide customer service.

How do you handle communication in your industry/department when you hit a bump in the road? Do you take a "let them eat cake" attitude and make them wait? Or do you embrace and respect your customers and keep them informed?

Edited to add:

As a follow up you may want to read this interview with Foursquare founder, Dennis Crowly about Growing your business, and his view on this topic.

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