Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Preventing Mr. Cellophane

One day at work I over heard a co-worker,Ray (name has been changed to protect the innocent), say that he felt like Mr. Cellophane from the musical Chicago. Hearing him voice this broke my heart, mostly because it was true. He is treated like Mr. Cellophane. He's not the smartest guy, or the most charming, or best looking...he's just sort of ...well...there.

As a woman that occasionally wears a tiara around the office, I cannot relate to this feeling. I strongly believe that everyone should feel like wearing a tiara at some point or another. What must it feel like to NEVER feel that way?

I made a decision, from that point on to ALWAYS speak to Ray. I say his name when I say good-morning. I hope this helps...I hope that for at least one moment during each day that he does not feel like Mr. Cellophane.

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