Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What I Really Want to Do is Direct

I don’t not think that we are in any danger of me becoming the next Oprah. I am just not at my best when I am LIVE! Always has been that way. When I was in High School I was on a “Scholar’s Bowl”…basically a Scholars for Dollars for the Radio. During the rehearsal I knew things. The instant we went live, my mind resembled a Clint Eastwood movie…empty except for tumbleweed and a strange whistling music.
My boss is co-host of an Internet radio program – SocialGeekRadio. I have been a guest once and a guest co-host once. Now I wasn’t horrible, but I was not my normally engaging self. Put me in the show chat room and I can feed info and ask questions like a Pro! But make it live and I will put you to sleep.
Gary Vaynerchuk says in his book Crush It! that we need to embrace our DNA. Be who we are and find our success within our own parameters. I have discovered that I am a producer or director. Some refer to this as being a control freak. I beg to differ. I can and will take care of the details. I don’t care to be the ‘Star’…however, being a tiara wearing girl…I will demand proper recognition in the credits.

Lesson for today: Define your own success. Find your own path.

If I keep this in mind I can move onward and upward, within my comfort zone and hopefully attain some level of success. So in the future when asked, I can respond like any Hollywood starlet…”what I really want to do is direct.”

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