Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to get the sale and Keep the business

I am the Ops Manager at COMPUTER EXPLORERS and as part of my job, I field phone calls. Usually I manage to avoid sales calls, but one particular day I was in my happy place and decided to listen to a call.

The caller from IntramediaSolutions started out with a normal pitch. I politely said no, he was a nice guy, but the first thing he offered..printing, we do in-house or the franchisees take care of locally. But then...he offered a solution to a problem!...They warehouse logo'd items!...wait what?....I could get bulk rate on logo items for my franchisees AND not have to find a place to store them....I was listening and agreed to let their representative come visit.

Bob, was on time for our appointment, (actually a bit early, I saw him standing in the parking lot). Since this was a 'cold call'...Bob brought me ice cream and the world's best ice cream scoop. he totally had my attention. I am a sucker for stuff....(hint: the only sales materials I open obviously have a pen, planner, or one of those cool LED lights in them).

We started doing business with them. The eventually built a website for us.

Now Bob is great he always comes to say hi when he is in the area to see if there is anything else they can do. When we need something from them they are ALWAYS there.

But this is why I love them....there was a hitch in an order...not a giant one, just one of those "things happen" occurrences. Their Ops Manager Wendy Hatch, she got on the problem....she OWNED the issue, She felt it to her core. ....I knew that we all mattered to her. She has not met me face to face. She has not had the opportunity to attend one of our conferences to meet the franchisees...yet, fixing this issue haunted her...well past the resolution of the problem. ...I bet she has one of those "The Buck Stops Here"signs on her desk.

Their IT Development division is great to work with - Dana Lopez is there at the drop of a hat to answer any question....even if it isn't their issue - he is more than happy to share his expertise. If we need him to do something BOOM it is done - and he seems to take pleasure in doing it. I have worked with other web guys, who I am pretty sure had unpleasant names for me...or at the very least a less than stellar opinion of my brain power...But Dana always shows us the utmost respect...because he has gotten to know us...because we matter to him.

So there you to get the sale and keep the business

1- Solve a problem
2- Let your customers know they matter

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