Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life in the Slow Lane

Efficient…I have been described this way by more than one boss. Mostly this means that I get tasks done quickly. So I have time to think. I choose to earn my pay check so I read industry materials, and I think about work.

How can we do this better? What more can we do? And being an innovator of sorts – I can come up with answers. Which inevitably ends with me hearing the words “Great idea, go ahead and do it! “

Awesome…more tasks. So what is a girl to do?

I am not a leader by title but I do play one on the internet and if I were to come to myself for advice what would I tell me?

1- While presenting an idea be sure to include the party you feel should be responsible.

2- Stop being a control freak! Yes others can do as well as you do while implementing your ideas.

3- Act like a leader…not a doer (should probably be careful not to be seen as a slacker while attempting this.)

4- Ask yourself, if I were to leave here today, what mark have I left? What is better for you having been a member of this team?

5- Stop seeing yourself as a doer and hopefully others will stop seeing you that way too!

Your future is in your hands...go out and get it

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