Saturday, October 2, 2010


I am sitting here in my living room on Saturday afternoon. The website went ‘live’ yesterday. This past week was crazy and stressful. Not bad stressful, good stressful, eustress ( I learned a new word in college), like conference. My body hurts, and I woke with a headache. I was reading my email before I could see well. As I was waiting for my coffee and Excedrin to kick in I asked myself “why are you doing this?”

I reflected on a conversation with a franchisee this week, as we looked at the new website. She said “look at that! ‘Find a Technology Consultant near you’, this is going to make us all look so good! This is so good for my business.” Then I thought of the reaction of those of you at conference when Michael St. Jacques first used those words “Technology Consultant”, there was an audible sound of agreement, you could almost hear the light bulbs going off.” The sound rose even louder when Michael said “We are the elite in education.”

Flashback almost 20 years, I was working in a Jr. Sr. High School, working one on one with one ‘troubled kid’ after another, I kept telling myself there has got to be a better way to provide education. Yet, It was painfully apparent to me as I worked there, I AM NOT A TEACHER!

Again, as I raised my brilliant son, I fought with the school district, I argued with teachers, and again, I thought, there has got to be a better way. I considered homeschooling, but lacked the time and resources…and again I AM NOT A TEACHER!

“So Lorri” I said to myself, “this is why you are here, this is why you do what you do. Working with CE, you are part of a better way to provide education. Your forte is communications, and your passion is education. Now make it work!”

Why are you here?

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