Friday, October 22, 2010

Motivate Employees with Common Sense

I was talking to a friend who works for a large national company with a huge inbound call center, he told me a few things that shocked me.

• No drinks at their desks
• No family pictures in their cubicles
• If you don’t reach your goals, You’re gone

If this company were to hire me to help with employee morale and increased production, these are the first things I would change.

No drinks – These employees are talking all day long. They need to speak clearly and be understood. If you do not want them constantly wandering away from their desk, let them drink. Obviously the company is concerned about its hardware. If moms can get a no spill cup for toddlers, this company can find no spill cups for its employees. Buy them, logo them! Or better yet, have your corporate mission statement printed on them.

No family pictures – this needs to stop. Now going all Google, like this picture,at your office is probably not your goal. It works for the creative minds at Google, but not for the service industry. My first rule of managing happy employees is to KNOW that your company is NOT your employee’s first priority. You may think that you are paying them, so for 8 hours the company should be priority one. Let me tell are not paying them enough to put you above their family. How much would YOU have to be paid to put company first?

Best practice according to me is to let them have a reminder at their desk as to why they come to work each day and get the job done. I have an awesome year at a glance calendar in my office that I can slip my own pictures into, and a similar desk top blotter. These are professional, I can see the pictures of my kids and do not turn my office space into my living room.

No Goals, you are gone – Obviously, I am not saying keep poor performers. Hiring new employees is expensive with recruiting and training. It would be best to keep your current employees comfortable and motivated. Provide a beverage and look at a baby or two, I think you will be glad you did.

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