Friday, October 1, 2010

Professionalism vs. Me

This week we launched our new website successfully, yes there are bugs…there are always bugs. I attribute our success, an ongoing positive attitude about the extermination of said personality not professionalism.

Yes, the job is getting done. Issues are being reported and dealt with. The timeline is being discussed. Priorities, training and strategy are ongoing concerns. I don’t think our programmers have slept in days. I KNOW the Director was at dinner and back in the office within 6 hours in the last 24.

To accomplish the end goal, we knew we would be performing personal magic, we would need to break out the tiaras and super hero capes…and we did. They became a running joke in our emails. They did not slow the process, they made the process better. They made asking for yet another thing and being told where that one more thing was being put on the priority list easier to manage.

I do not believe that professionalism comes with a tie and wingtips, or with buttons and hose. It comes from performance. It shows in efficiency, attitude and end product. If the process is accompanied by humor and personality…so be it.

This is why true transparency is so important within your business. It is the people to people interactions that run the world. Not the spreadsheets and databases…they are not always going to upload right.

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