Friday, December 17, 2010

How I Spent the Morning Procrastinating

I need to write a persuasive paper for my Business Comp class. I did not do as well on my informative paper as I would have liked, and I know the professor does not like my thesis.
The report is on corporate culture and how it must possess open communication. The professor’s view is that no one would argue the point. While I agree with her, in my experience, this is not the practice. Open door policies sound good, but when approached with new ideas or concerns, I believe that most employees are met with stonewalling, deaf ears or a pink slip. My point is that this needs to stop. But how do I prove that this is a regular practice so that I can persuade management to change its tactics.

Hence my own procrastination…
  • Made a work related call…it’s what I am paid to do, ok not on my day off – but this person needed my help.

  • Tweeted….nurturing relationships is important right? Maybe not as important as my degree and a decent GPA – but this is my story and I am sticking with it

  • Realized I left half of my research in the car. Fell coming back up the stairs, had to examine my knees for scrapes. Nothing needed first aid attention.

  • Panicked when I realized I had 4 sources on my citation page and had eleven sources in my lap.

  • Searched for a highlighter..And my glasses

  • Blackberry light flashing…checked messages

  • Contemplated the benefits of making fresh coffee now, or waiting until later

  • Checked the news…we need to stay informed!

  • Oh and let’s not forget this blog post

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  1. Obviously your professor has never worked in the government.