Friday, March 25, 2011

Perspective: AKA Quit Whining

It’s been way too long since I posted. I was having trouble coming up with a post topic. So I asked my network, and was more than a little please with myself for thinking of crowd-sourcing the issue. However, it wasn’t the crowd that brought me the answer. Once again, life handed me my lesson for the day.

That lesson is “stop bitching and be grateful”.

I went to lunch with a friend who has just lost her mother. She isn’t just strong, this woman is superhero strong. The only reason she is not wearing a tiara, is that I have not found one special enough for her yet. While at lunch we discussed a new acquaintance, who we realized, does not even own a belt. I can’t even find all my belts! Earlier this week I was uncomfortable with a new outfit because I didn’t have what I thought was the ‘right’ belt for the dress. Yes, I feel like a schmuck - my unworthy belt was needed purely for aesthetic reasons. This guy needs one to hold his pants up! He is using a makeshift piece of a t-shirt. PERSPECTIVE

Last night I poured a cup of coffee way too late, and so was up too late and today I am tired. Sucking it up and getting things done, but tired none the less. I returned from lunch, to an email from a friend who has beat breast cancer, only to run into one complication after another since then, and now it looks like the ugly disease has returned. She says she is afraid to ask for a break for fear that it will come in the shape of a broken bone! This woman has got to be exhausted! Tired day after day for years! PERSPECTIVE

Please today, take a step back and put your problems into perspective.

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