Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning With a Little Help from your Friends

As I got ready for bed the other night, I tripped over a craft project knocking beads all over the floor, followed by knocking over an OPEN bottle of antacids as I tried to set my alarm. It’s time for spring cleaning. Now my cleaning habits have been entertaining one of my friends for years, she loves to watch as I move something to the room it belongs, to then pick up a magazine that needs to be put away, realizing I haven’t finished reading it – I then sit down to read. Needless to say, I never get ahead. I know I need someone in the room with me as I tend to these horrible tasks. I don’t want them to do the work AT ALL. But in order to not be overcome with the desire for a nap, or the urge to watch a 15 year old romantic comedy. I need a friend to help me focus. And that friend is visiting me this evening.

What does it take to spring clean your business? Is your website up to date? Is your inbox spilling over? Are you tripping over equipment? Are you just having trouble getting out of your own way? Maybe you need a cleaning buddy too? Sometimes admitting the issue to yourself isn’t enough. Maybe it is time to admit your organization issues to a friend. By friend, I mean FRIEND, someone you won’t judge, has no vested interest other than your success. Let them in, let them help you. Let them move the shiny things so that you are not distracted.

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