Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm not dead yet! Marketing to Grown ups

I received an email from a financial planner the other day that said “Do you sometimes think about leaving work? Many of us do as we get older. We want to try something new or maybe just relax for the rest of our lives. “

My answer…SHUT UP!

I understand that I am not getting younger each day, but is this really the way to reach out for customers? My number one rule for marketing is ‘Know Thy Customer’.

Reaching out to 40-somethings with ‘as we get older’ is a terrible idea! We are having mid-life crisis’s, not thinking about retirement. Maybe we should – but that is not the point. How about “Are you ready to live your passion?” “Is it time to change things up?” So many other things they could have done to build on the first question about leaving work, and left off the phrase “for the rest of our lives” all together.

I wonder if this company didn’t know anyone in their 40s. Or maybe the marketing plan was written by a 15 year old – because we look half dead to them anyway.

The tiara wearing marketer knows to proof and edit and then proof and edit again. Let someone else read it. Let someone with the same demographic as your ideal customer read it.

Either way, I hit delete on this email –they won’t be helping me plan anything.

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