Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love You Forever, Like You for Always

BFF – Best Friends Forever – who doesn’t have that written in a yearbook somewhere? It is a lovely, though a bit of a naive sentiment. Friends come and go out of our lives over the years. With facebook now, we can at least connect and send out happy wishes and look at pictures of graduations and births of our one time BFFs. Or even give a shout out when you remember something you did together. This sort of connecting is great, I honestly feel that I have connections with some family, who I may have gone the rest of my life without talking to again were it not for facebook.

I spent some time looking at a couple Facebook memorial walls today. These are walls put up when someone dies so that family and friends can share memories and pay respects. As I was reading messages about two young boys taken away too soon a year ago, I wiped my tears, and it struck me, the amazing part is what happens after the funeral. Ongoing wall posts – “I had a dream about you”, “ I miss you” “We talked about you today” and my favorite kind “Hey dude you won’t believe this but…”

How incredible is it that we now have a tangible way to reach out and say “HEY Guess what”. Instead of a whispered word on the wind to our loved ones, laughs and memories are still shared. These kids live on in a way. Long after the flowers have wilted and the tears have dried – they can be an active part of our lives. …Though I think I would still recommend reaching out and saying “Hey Guess what? I still love you" when our friends can write back.

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