Monday, July 11, 2011

Google +

Just starting out on Google + and as always am a little lost. One of my first and only posts thus far has been “Early Google+ reminds me of FB when I had 2 coworkers, 2 classmates and my sister as friends.” I love Facebook, but sometimes I do not see information or posts that I would like to see because they get lost in my newsfeed. There is a time when I want to see the pictures of my nephews at the playground, and they there are the times I want to see if my favorte website have published new articles.

With G+, you sort people into circles (groups). Then you can sort your stream (newsfeed), by group. I have missed this on Facebook – would love to click and see just posts from my family, or click and there are posts by the pages on technology education that I follow. That feature alone is great…or will be great, when more of the people whose content I depend on, are there with me.

It will be interesting to see how it changes or becomes useful once the business pages are made available.


  1. I'm on there if you'd like to find me. You can add me to your "bitch" circle. :D

  2. Right there with you. I think I need the whole weekend to get the whole thing organized and read all the posts on "how tos", etc.