Thursday, October 27, 2011

The FlatLorri Project

The only thing about me that could ever be described as flat is my hair. Yet as I write this, my image has started on a new adventure called The FlatLorri Project.

A little history:

FlatLorri is me in the image of Flat Stanley, an activity done by elementary students who send a paper cut out of a boy out into the world to be photographed and have his travels documented.

Last February I was unable to attend the International Franchising Association Conference so my friend, co-worker, and boss, Deb Evans took me with her in her purse as FlatLorri (giving traveling Coach a whole new meaning). We even set up a foursquare account so that FlatLorri could check into the events.

Fast forward to this past weekend. FranCamp, a social media seminar, was held in Nashville - and once again - I couldn't attend - so FlatLorri was off on another adventure.

This time BJ Emerson and AK Stout got a hold of my image and I had my picture taken with the waitress at The Waffle House and posted to Facebook. BJ and AK (I may change my name to initials...sorry *something shiny moment*), wondered what would happen if FlatLorri interacted with other brands via social media (had pictures posted and twitter shoutouts). Are those brands listening? Would they interact and have a little fun? The FlatLorri Project was born.

If you would like to follow along and see how far a bunch of social media geeks can take a community based case study the blog can be found at

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