Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pretty + Interesting = Pinterest

I am going to attempt to explain Pinterest to those of you who just don’t “get it”. My explanation is based on my own use and some stereotypes. So let me please just state for the record, my comments are about women in general and stereotypical..I know this – but I need to in order to explain my new favorite addiction.

Women like pretty things. We make ourselves pretty with clothes & jewelry. We make our homes pretty by adding flowers, art and window treatments.

We are generally the homemakers who stay home with the preschooler and try not to drive ourselves nuts by preparing the same 4 meals over and over for dinner.

We like to shop together and look at magazines and catalogs.

Enter Pinterest.

From the comfort of your home you can post all the pretty clothes you see, the meals you would like to make, ideas for the next birthday party, wedding or shower. Hence pinning. By pinning via the pin marklet can share with your friends the great book from Amazon, the pretty dress from Anthropologie, or the meal that Paula Dean has posted to her website. You can re-pin something the other women have pinned in essence saying “yea me too!” They whole idea is akin to saying “look at this” or window shopping with your Mom, daughter or BFF.

OK…now what about business, why do they care?

Many times while shopping the “yea me too!” means I want to buy that cute dress too. So the friend clicks through and purchases from the online retailer.

If the “yea me too!”, means that is a great idea and I am going to re=pin to my boards and show my other friends. …each of these pins and re-pins is a another inbound link (ah! SEO!)

The very brave retailers? They start their own Pinterest board with pictures of their wares..with the same results as above, with the added benefit that all of their products can be pictured, pinned and don’t have to sit on the website and wait to be found there and shared.

There are other aspects, and there is even an analytics platform coming out – but this is the draw and the explanation in a nutshell.

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  1. Lorri, I LOVE shiny new things and in the world of social technology Pinterest is the shiniest! My daughter, daughter-in-law and nieces have caught the pinning bug and I love connecting with them on Pinterest. Happy pinning everyone!