Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Never Too Late

Two and a half years ago the guy I had been seeing showed up on my doorstep one Friday morning to tell me we “should cool it for awhile” and he thought by now “he would have stronger feelings”.  I pulled the knives out of my gut, cried at a friend and partook of some retail therapy in the chocolate and wine departments of my local Target. 

Then I put on my tiara! Called him some not so ladylike names and decided that I would never again waste my time on something that didn’t benefit me.  Earning my Bachelor’s degree had been on my Bucket list since I was 20 years old and had chosen love over education the first time. I placed a few calls to online schools and Kaplan University called me back.  The representative Steven Young was amazing. He listened and I decided “What the hell, let’s do this!” He and I stayed on the phone for the better part of the day as they walked me through my FAFSA and the financial aid process. They made the request to the schools I had attended in the past and poof I was enrolled.

The program runs in 10 week terms with a 1 week break between. There is not time to think that you will take a semester off. The next thing I know it is 2 and a half years later, and as of today, I am a graduate – I have my BBA and am considering my Master’s.

I have learned a lot in the process, many academic theories and the terminology for things I already knew, but the non-academic lessons may have been the most valuable.
  • Your networks are VERY useful!  Those people you know that actually understand supply and demand curves and cash flow can get you into the right frame of mind to write that essay.  The CFO will come to your office and explain Excel formulas

  •  Excel has formulas that figure interest

  • There are way too many ways to figure interest

  • ALWAYS do the crap work – posting to the discussion boards using the rubric for grading will make the difference in your GPA…take care of the details for a successful outcome

  • Your kids want you to succeed and they like saying “Mom, do your homework!” (Thank you Bonehead and Princess)

  • It is completely possible to write a 10 page paper from a hotel room in Orlando while attending a conference.

  •  Your parents will cry from pride no matter how old you are (I love you Mom and Papa).

The biggest lesson – When someone does you a favor by freeing up your mind and your time – take care of YOU. It is never too late to put on your tiara make magic happen for yourself. 

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  1. I am incredibly proud of you and what you have accomplished!