Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sharing is Caring

When I started using Pinterest, was a little irked, when building a page for business, that the boards I created were either just up to me to post - or they were open to the public to post - this didn't really work for me. Pinterest was listening. You can share boards now! so if you are planning a real wedding or decorating a real home - your whole team can be involved.

To share go to your home page and click the EDIT on the board you wish to share:

You will then see this;

Under the 'Who can post"  - you will see yourself and an option to add another pinner - Type in their name then hit save. 

The person you invite will get an email telling them they have been invited - they can then accept or decline. 

After they accept - it will show up on their page just like the other boards they have. 

You each receive an email when the other has posted to that board. 

Happy Pinning

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