Monday, August 27, 2012

Coming to Terms with Change

Things change - sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, and sometimes they just change.

My friend Cyndee has been the longtime Director of Program and Curriculum Development at Computer Explorers

Cyndee retired on Friday, after 20 years. This coming Friday she is jetting off to Paris for a few months - I want to be her when I grow up...with a tiara.(you can follow her travel adventures at I  miss her more than words can describe.

I have thought about sitting under my desk and crying - but I am pretty sure that the rest of the team, who have come to depend on me, would drag me out, so I had come up with a way to deal with the change andI believe I have come up with the perfect way!

Cyndee is a former High School English teacher. My writing has improved 100% under her subtle guidance. I am now worried about things that I never knew were an issue before working with her. She wielded a mighty red pen. Whether being a good witch editor or a wicked witch editor I learned a lot. However, now, without her editing - I can go crazy!

  • I am going to put adverbs any place I like..I can “boldly go” now...With Cyndee around I could only “Go boldly”.

  • (I will put punctuation OUTSIDE the quotes).
  • I will tell people to “don’t forget” instead of  to “remember’  

  • I  will use: semi-colons; judiciously;

  • I will use many many indefinite pronouns! No one will know who or whom I am talking about.

  • (I may end a sentence or two with a preposition)

Though, today, my first official day without Cyndee, I wrote a newsletter and a blog post...and then demanded harsher critiquing from my new team.

Cyndee, You have taught me much more than proper sentence structure. You have taught me that life has many exciting chapters and that I can always do better than I thought.  Please go boldly into the next phase of your life and please remember you are loved.