Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is that an Alien on my face?

I am 3/4 of the way through the Certified Franchise Executive program. I spent February 16th and 17th sitting in day long sessions that will give me credit toward this certifiation. Session one was Strategic Thinking and Planning. Session two was Achieving Higher Performance for Yourself and Your Team Members. The main speaker for the Achieving Higher Performance was motivational speaker Bob Davies.

Davies has his Masters of Education degree in Psychology, so he tied a lot of the "why we do things the way we do" to how our brains work. Since we weren't a room full of shrinks he put concepts into more down to earth ways than synapses and electromagnetic waves.

The thing that rang true with me was the little voice inside your head that tells you not to do something. The little voice that says "no, what will people think?" or "I can't do that." The coach relayed this to the Alien in the Alien Movies. Picture it attached to your face...saying NOOOO!!!! - our job is to pull the alien off, say thanks for caring and throw it away. ...for the rest of my time at the conference I became aware of my alien.

I like my alien. If you knew the things that pop into my head, that the alien says no to...I didn't wolf whistle that young man and release my inner cougar. I didn't tell those young girls to get some self respect and go put some clothes on (we were in Las Vegas.) I didn't tell the people asking silly questions of Condoleeza Rice to sit down until they had something good to contribute to the conversation. I didn't tell the guy monopolizing the panel discussion to sit down or to please take note that the audience was falling asleep.

I am happy to be aware of my alien and in the future I may be more willing to pull it off my face and say "thanks for caring", but I think I will keep him around a little while longer.

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