Monday, February 25, 2013

Me: The Good, The Bad and The Eccentric

Last week I attended my third International Franchising Association conference. For the first time, I was recognized by my online persona. The first reason was for doing this live streamed Google+ Hang Out offering tips for first time attendees: 

Great! right? well once you get past the part where I am looking at the wrong computer screen and the fact that the cuss word didn't come out of my mouth in an audible manner. So yes - it fulfilled its purpose and I look great in turquoise. 

The other thing that was a conversation starter, from no less than 3 people,   Followed by a suggestion that they friend me so that they too can be entertained. This post from my Facebook page: 

I decided to run to Walmart - threw on my jeans, bra and hoodie...standing in line at the check out I look down and my hoodie isn't zipped all the way's just a matter of time before I end up in a People of Walmart email.

Yup - people asked me if I was all dressed...It's a good thing I embrace my eccentricity.

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