Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Care and Pheeding of your Teen

Three days ago Mashable posted  Pheed: The Next Social Craze for Teens.  Then three days ago I face-palmed myself HARD.

My daughter asked me two weeks ago if I had a Pheed account. She explained it as an app that is  combination of Twitter and Pinterest. I joined (AK Stout was already there), I haven't done anything with it yet....but shoot!...If I had listed to my teen - I could have scooped Mashable..I would have been able to say - gee thanks for telling me what I already know.

But...I failed to poke around enough to really give anyone a good idea what it is.  I can tell you it launched last October and is a way to share video, pictures, audio...I think what the platform is trying to do is be the Twitter for those who communicate better through audio or visual creation.

So If you are looking to be one of the cool kids or to keep an eye on your teen's online life - give the app a look-see.

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