Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adventures in Driving

A couple years ago a friend left me with her Mini-Cooper for the weekend. Since it was the same size as the princess, I took her to an empty parking lot and we tried it out. This was her first experience behind the wheel.

Fast forward two years, she has her permit. She is 16 and isn't playing anymore. Tonight, I pulled into a church parking lot (I should have prayed first), and let her take the wheel.  She did a really good job. The only real danger was maybe driving off the right hand side of the road, and my fingerprints may be permanently embedded in the handle on the passenger side of the car.

I may need a prescription for valium...or maybe investing in Driver's Ed isn't a bad idea. .....Why why why don't they teach it in school here?...Mama doesn't need anymore gray hairs.

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