Monday, August 26, 2013

Unemployment: Finding a New Tiara

You cannot always assume that you will be employed at the end or the probationary period of your new job.

This is the position in which I now find myself. This is a terrifying place for me. My DISC profile will tell you I am motivated by security, and as a single mom this trait is only amplified. Truth be told, the new job, though looked like a fit from the outside, was not a fit, and I wasn't happy. Part of me is thrilled that I no longer have to get out of bed each morning to do something I do not enjoy, the other part is obsessing about the due date of my electric bill.

12 years ago (2001) I was in the same position. I was unemployed for a year and a half, I became very very depressed. because my children were young, I was able to financially take a part-time minimum wage job, which then grew into a fabulous job, with an incredible team with whom I was able to grow and learn.

I am now in a different position, only the princess is still at home and I have a degree. It seems I am hearing only horror stories: 9 months of unemployment, companies not hiring full-time for fear of the new Healthcare Act.

My mind is running through all of the "shoulds" I have heard over the years.

Reach out to your network - check, did this first thing
Get out of bed - check, but in all honesty it was to take the 1st day of school photo
Stay busy - check, 2 webinars scheduled this week and a networking event next week, and apparently updating my blog.

I am keeping a spreadsheet of my efforts: 14 jobs applied for, 1 rejection email.

At this point, I don't know if I should formulate my perfect job in my head, or keep my mind open. Advice?

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