Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Adventures in Job Hunting

I have been job hunting for almost a month now. I want to join a marketing team where I can put my social media skills to work (researching, posting, e-Newsletters and podcasts), while learning more about building strategy and branding. But my skills are not the topic of this blog. The topic is some of the weird stuff I have seen listed in job postings.

“Submit resume and photos” – Huh…this particular one was for an administrative assistant to a marketing department. Why pictures? And what sort of pictures? As if this request isn’t strange enough, they also did NOT include an email address, so I am not sure how you arecsupposed to submit said photos.

Please submit examples of Facebook pages you have grown to 100k REAL fans. They are very clear that they do not want FAKE fans – which is cool, no one wants fans generated by black hat techniques.  
This particular one makes me a bit crazy – I am considering emailing them and asking "what are you doing to generate 100k real fans?" Are they providing awesome customer experience?  Have they fully integrated their website, Facebook, and other social media into their marketing plan? How much money are they putting toward their marketing plan?

Are these questions appropriate for a cover letter? I’m thinking that it is a bit aggressive, but someone needs teach these people some things about social media and communications in general.

Side note: Employers – your software is not so technical and hard that it cannot be learned, if it was you wouldn’t be able to use it – so please stop saying that experience using “blah diddy blah software”  is required. You are missing out on some amazing potential employees. 

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