Friday, September 6, 2013

If LinkedIn Says I Speak Fluent Swahili, Do I Need to Buy the Rosetta Stone Software?

While I am in my current position of "Waiting to Help Unknown Company Be Great" aka unemployed and looking, I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn. Today in my update feed on the site I saw that someone endorsed one of my contacts for skills. Does this person have those skills..yes..well he did...he passed away a few weeks ago. I wondered if the endorser was unaware of my contacts passing or if it was a way of memorializing my contacts contributions. Mostly I think its creepy.

Of course I tweeted a question about this act. I heard back from a follower who mentioned being endorsed for skills she did not possess and a "why bother" comment.

I am grateful for every endorsement I receive, though at times I have stopped to think "do I know how to do that?" I generally chose to believe that my endorser knows more about what the skill entails and if they believe I know how to do it that I must know and once again my lack of confidence has reared its ugly head.

In defense of the erroneous endorsement LinkedIn makes it easy to do by loading group endorsements on the top of your profile page when you visit your profile.

If you have inadvertently accepted a skill that you do not possess it is easy to delete it from your profile.

Click "edit profile' then scroll down to your endorsements section.

It should look like the picture below, Then just click the X next to the skill you want to delete then click "save".

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