Sunday, October 13, 2013

Analyzing the Analytics

As much as I enjoy writing and researching sharable content for my social media platforms, I also like to take time to look at the analytics to this blog. Mostly I find it amusing that Russia, Germany, Ukraine and France round out the top five countries of my readers after the US. This morning I was taken aback by the top referral sites for the past week…porn sites.

Now, I guess it would have been a brilliant move for me to post links on these sites to build SEO…maybe if I had researched the search behavior of those who visit such sites – but alas I have not done such a thing. Though I guess I should have known given that my top post of all time is the one I wrote about employee engagement titled Are Your Employees practicing the World’s Oldest Profession? Or maybe tiara wearing is more tantalizing than I ever knew.

Digging further into the numbers, I see that I need to re-activate my Tumblr account. This is something I never should have deactivated since people I respect liked the page and decided to use the same template I chose. I let it go because it was just one more platform, and it didn’t always pull from my other sites. I hope they have improved this feature.

Networked Blogs has always been a good traffic driver, for me I attribute it to the Facebook integration and the resulting support of family and friends. is an old favorite, that I am going to try for a while to see what the results are – I have been using it for a while. It’s great for curating and searching content, the site also makes it your posts visually appealing. They have added Newsletter creation to their features. You can export your content to MailChimp, email directly to yourself or download the file.  This is an example of what the freebie generated newsletter can look like.

What are your favorite referral sites?

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