Friday, October 18, 2013

Did You Know? Stories That Should Be Told

There are fascinating things on the internet! Stories that, if I were an author or film maker I would completely research, devour and bring to the masses. Alas, I am neither of these things, I am just a fan of the obscure, and I will share with you.

Sister Juliette was a sharp shooting nun who left the order to join the French Resistence during World War Two. I looked all over and could not find a book about this woman.  This has got to be a great story. Why did she become a nun? Was her decision to leave hard? Did her faith interfere or enhance her drive to kill Nazis?

If anyone knows of a biography about her please leave the title in the comments below.

I am a huge fan of the golden age of Hollywood. I love black and white movies. One of my favorite actresses is Hedy Lamarr. Not only was Ms. Lamarr beautiful she was courageous and smart too. She escaped her controlling Austrian husband, who was selling arms to Germany by drugging her maid at a party and jumping a train!

As if shocking European audiences with her provocative role in the film Ecstasy and a mad cap escape were not enough, she was also the co-inventor of a technology that is still used today by cell phones and GPS. She understood frequency, sound and light waves, and how these things move...I'm still trying to figure out how the asprin knows where you hurt.

We should stop complaining about the lack of girls studying science and technology and tell this story...

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