Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fun with SPAM!

Over the last two months of “looking for my next opportunity” aka unemployment I have been busying myself with some consulting and working on a business plan for my own organization.

Last night I wandered into my SPAM filter to see if any valid emails had found their way there by accident. I found that I have just been wasting my time! I had at least 3 offers to interview to sell life insurance, as well as a couple offers to talk about buying a franchise(are they selling franchises for what unemployment is paying?)

As it turns out, I do not need to worry my pretty little tiara wearing head over anything as silly as a job!
Not one but two people have been trying to reach me to send me money that has been set aside for me on ATM cards – one for 10 million dollars and one for 6 million. 

As if I cannot live comfortably on that the Office of the Senate President of Nigeria wants to send me my share of 35 billion dollars for foreign oil something or other.

It also turns out that I am an Heiress! – Yes – some unknown relative in a foreign country has died and I am the only living relative….I guess my Mom, children and cousins don’t count.

Best of all! All that time on Facebook as not been a waste of time! I have won $950000 from a Facebook lottery….did you know that Facebook has its claims department use Yahoo for email?

 Now that I don’t have to worry about money, I think I will see if that Russian bride organization has grooms…

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