Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pet Peeve: Lessons Learned, 5 Blog Post Ideas and the Government Shutdown

Coming up with new blog posts ideas can be hard. The "experts' will tell you that titles with numbers (lists) and tying your business into a top news story will help drive traffic. With the end of the government shutdown I am bracing myself for a slew of blog posts with titles like What CEOs can learn from the Government Shutdown and Top 5 effects of the Shutdown on Your Business.

ARGH! At this point, these kinds of posts show a lack of creativity. If I read a post I want to know what you really learned...

Instead of going on a rant, let me make some suggestions:

·        What Politicians can learn from watching Scandal

·        Tips for Congress from Seasoned Circus Freaks

·        My Top 10 Road Rage Hand Gestures to use in Washington

·        Real Housewives Budgeting Lessons for Congressmen

·        The Care and Feeding of Your Constituents

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