Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Value your Customer Service with Social Media

As part of my unemployment induced insomnia I have found myself listening to podcasts in an attempt calm myself to sleep at night. In the inaugural episode of Scott Stratten and Allison Kramer’s Unpodcast they make a point that I have been seeing in action in my job search. The under-valuing of customer service in the business world.

Though I am not only looking at social media jobs, I see that most companies treat the use of social as only a marketing tool to be used by interns. I am not arguing the validity of this mind set, but social has a few more uses than SEO. The social contribution of SEO is in content, organic search and the ability to add new content to your website. It works in conjunction with Ad Words, keywords, meta-tags and other back end magic.

The real value of social comes when you consider its use from the viewpoint of your customers. You remember customers, the people who provide you with their hard earned cash so that your business can survive. How do customers view your social media platforms?

Your customers see your social media platform as an extension of your sales counter, your phone line, your info@email account. Yes you are posting content so that you are seen as a thought leader and to drive engagement, but are you responding? Businesses want to be the rock stars of their industry, but only rock stars can stand on a stage and perform to earn a following. If a customer was standing in your store asking about your widgets and your staff ignored them you would fire your staff, yet many times you see customers asking questions on social platforms only to be ignored or answered after a long wait.

You cannot fix your Yelp reviews by continuing to mistreat and mistrust your customers.

You cannot hand out a brochure and expect a customer to hand back a credit card.


Train your social staff in your key messaging and product knowledge.
Train your sales and customer service staff in the monitoring and use of your platforms.
Implement monitoring and social engagement as part of your everyday sales process.

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