The Philosophy

The Tiara Philosophy is about not being hindered and ignoring hurdles. Going outside your comfort zone or the box you are in and accomplishing things that you hadn’t thought possible. It’s about approaching life and challenges with a positive attitude and usually minding your manners while doing it.

  •  It’s about being over 40 and deciding it is time to get your degree.

  •  It’s about starting a radio show when you have no experience.

  •  It’s about implementing a whole new marketing strategy from the server room of your company.

  •  It’s about taking over the landscaping of your company even though you are in the advertising department.

  • It’s about not taking what life hands you and NOT thinking this is it.

  •  It’s about digging in, saying thanks and taking yourself and your passions someplace great.

  • It's about not letting the day to day become a grind, and finding fun in the workplace.